How Soon Do I Get My Loan Approved?

Taking a FIGI loan requires 2 simple circles:
  • Sign up and pay 10% equity, get your four guarantors.First circle
  • All your four guarantors follow a link sent to them via sms, signup, complete their registration and guarantee you. Second Circle

These 2 circles can take just about 3 days. As soon as we confirm guarantors on stage 2, you get your loan immediately.

What we do

FIGI, an emerging FinTech brand in Nigeria (with a corporate head office in Asokoro, Abuja and business office at Plot(590f), Adjacent to 4u Supermarket (former Amingo Supermarket, Adetonkunbo Ademola Crescent Wuse 2, Abuja), is creating access to financial products such as loans and investment windows using mobile technological gateways. We are passionate about ensuring that members of society or businesses have financial opportunities that will position them for speedy growth.

FIGI loans are offered to members of the public at no interest, without collateral, no hidden charges, no stressful paperworks and no financial history reviews.

We believe that anybody can achieve progress, if offered the right economic gardening and support, we DO NOT discriminate loan approvals based on your experience or level of education.

To start your loan application, follow these simple steps:

  • Sign up (we ensure your details are very secured)1
  • Pay 10% as equity of any loan amount you are applying for. 2
  • Provide us with ANY 4 guarantors. Don't bother searching for civil servants on Level 12 and above. We trust any guarantor that you provide, once they are Nigerians (aged 18 to 70). 3

We have a clear mission, to ensure that you are able to access financial products very easily and you enjoy financial growth by investing a percentage of your loan in highly profitable surrounding businesses.
The best thing about FIGI really is that you can use our loans for anything you want. We will always stay by you to help you make good investment decisions that will help you repay with ease while you achieve personal growth.



FIGI offer loans from the lowest amount you need up to Ten Million Naira [NGN10,000,000] repayable in 12 months), accessible to all people (aged 18 year to 70), who are using mobile technologies/gadgets and have a bank account with a Bank Verification Number.

Invest Money

Each FIGI beneficiary automatically becomes an investor at the period of cashing out. The profit from the investment can be withdrawn anytime and the principal withdrawn once your loan has been repaid.

Don't worry, we will help you become an investor.

Transfer Money

On the FIGI platform, you can make savings, transfer monies to other FIGI account holders (called Figiants), pay for house rents (on House9ja), buy fresh food or cooked food, pay for your laundry, pay for medical insurance and other services available on the integrated Apps.


This Platform allows you to view houses available for rent in any part of Nigeria. You can rent a house and save money for rent on this platform.


Get educated on different business ideas by watching business videos. Nittan also gives the opportunity to invest in these businesses.


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